My name is Dan and I run Dan’s Acupuncture, offering high-quality acupuncture and tuina (Chinese¬†medical massage) in and around London.

If you suffer from:

  • Aches or pains
  • Mental/emotional conditions
  • Physical problems (such as digestive conditions; gynaecological problems; lung ailments; bowel disorders; urinary problems; circulatory disorders; ear, nose and throat conditions; eye problems; heart conditions; and thyroid disorders)
  • Acute infections and viral conditions (for example coughs and colds;¬† bowel, stomach, ear or eye infections)

then acupuncture and/or tuina can help you.

Close-up of a man massaging the nape of a woman in a room

Many people also use acupuncture treatment to help them manage severe long-term chronic illnesses usually in addition to Western medical treatment. Acupuncture can often relieve the unpleasant side-effects brought on by Western treatment and complements it therefore very well.

Some use acupuncture to speed up recovery times from injuries or surgery, while others simply wish to receive preventative treatments in order to avoid getting ill in the first place. This can be achieved by boosting the immune system, improving the circulation, and helping them to mentally relax.

I am a fully qualified professional acupuncturist, having graduated in 2008 from a very thorough three-year training course at the University of Westminster in London with a Bachelors Degree (Hons) in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture.

I have also received a diploma in tuina massage from the Shulan College of Chinese Medicine in Manchester and am a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbalist in training.

If you would like to book a treatment or have any questions please contact me by email dan@dansacupuncture.co.uk or simply call 0795 710 6964. I will help you where I can.

Many thanks

Dan Franzke – BSc (Hons) TCM: Acupuncture; Dipl. Tuina

Member of The Acupuncture Society of Professional Oriental Therapists

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